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Mark Collier (Mike, ATWT):
I went to a signing in North Carolina and two girls asked me if I wanted to go to an Aerosmith/Kid Rock concert with them. I wanted to go but I knew I would get in a lot of trouble with these two girls. I had some restraint. As I look back I should have done it, but at the moment I was like, "No, you're going to get in a lot of trouble. You do not need to be going to an Aerosmith/Kid Rock concert and getting drunk with these two girls. You may get arrested at some point."

On the Mark
Rosannaís recent return to Oakdale stirred up the old rivalry between Carly and her sister. So, the reappearance of the root of their issues, Mike Kasnoff, was inevitable. But this time thereís an added twist Ė Mike, once involved in a romantic triangle with the two sisters, is now falling for their cousin Molly! Daytime newcomer MARK COLLIER has stepped into the role of Mike nicely. got to know ATWTís hottest new star! How did you land the role on As The World Turns?
MARK COLLIER: I had actually tested for [ATWT] last year [for the role of Paul Ryan], and I guess they had remembered that. They came out to L.A. I did not audition in L.A., but they had seen a tape of mine, so I ended up flying to New York a couple of weeks after that. I did my screen test with Lesli [Kay, Molly] and it just seemed to click very well. A couple days later I found out I got it, and five days after that I had to move to New York. It was going from working several different jobs in L.A. and having very little money to living in New York working on the show. What were you doing in L.A. before you got this job?
MARK COLLIER: Iíd been doing a lot of theater. I got involved with a theater company there, so about every three months I was in a different play. But thatís about it. There would be some auditions here and there, but the business has been very slow for the past couple of years. So, this opportunity came along and I was happy. Did you know about the torrid history of Mike Kasnoff on the show?
MARK COLLIER: I didnít until I got there. Once I found out I got the job, they just gave me pages and pages and pages of back history and relations that I had with everybody. Heís involved with so many different people: friends, the fact that he dated Rosanna and Carly, and now Molly. So, it was quite a bit, but I was glad [to have the backstory]. Did you know that Mike had been played by another actor before, and did that make you hesitant to take on the role?
MARK COLLIER: Like I said, I didnít know until I had already gotten the job. I didnít know that Mike Kasnoff had been on the show before. I didnít even know that my [characterís] name was going to be Mike Kasnoff. [I was] not really hesitant. I played in a CBS [versus] ABC [charity] softball game the first weekend I was here, and people spoke so highly of Shawn Christian [ex-Mike], so I was like, ďOh, wow.Ē And the fact that I am [paired up with] Molly [who was married to Jake, played by] Tom Eplin, who had been working for a long time and has a huge fan base. I [thought], this is going to be quite fun to see how this works out, because [Iím] following two people who were big fan favorites. Did you meet Shawn Christian at the charity event?
MARK COLLIER: No, Iíve never met him. Iím actually friends with his manager, so after I got on the show, we talked, but that was about it. Iíve never seen him on the show; Iíve never watched any tapes or anything. What was your first day of taping like?
MARK COLLIER: It was a lot! [Laughs] I mean, I think we shot two or three episodes that day, and then the second day was almost double that. Which was good, because I was basically staying in a hotel in Times Square, [and I] didnít have a lot to do at the time. I was sent five scripts when I was in L.A. and had five days to go over all of them and try to learn it and get there. For some reason - I donít know if it was from working with Lesli, who makes it very easy - it just seemed very comfortable. It seemed like it fit very easily. Outside of the amount of dialogue that was there! [Laughs] You have some daytime experience from Sunset Beach.
MARK COLLIER: Right, that was a recurring [role] a couple of days a month. But I had never done [a contract role on] daytime, so I was not used to [having to learn] that amount of dialogue in a short amount of time. I had been doing a lot of theater, and you have so long to prepare for that. So, this was a bit different. But itís good. Itís a good learning process. How have you acclimated to New York?
MARK COLLIER: Thatís probably been my hardest adjustment. I came from living in Venice Beach [in California], and itís a very laid-back and quiet lifestyle there. Coming here, it was nothing but concrete. I grew up in Florida, so I was used to the humidity back then, but [I havenít been living there for] four years. Now, itís just trying to get used to that heat and the busyness and craziness of the city. But itís gotten a lot better because Iíve met some people, so Iíve been going to the [New] Jersey shore and the Hamptons [in Long Island, New York] and things like that. It kind of makes it easier once you start meeting some people. The first month was rough. You also only had five days to move!
MARK COLLIER: Yeah, I pretty much just sold everything that I owned in five days and flew out. Fortunately, I had a mutual friend who lived in New York so I just came into his apartment and didnít have to apartment hunt for a while. That was kind of a savior, because rent in the city is ridiculous. And this realtor thing is beyond me! But I like it now. Most fans have reacted really well to Mike. What kind of feedback have you received?
MARK COLLIER: The letters and some of the e-mails that Iíve gotten have been pretty positive. I donít really go onto the Internet too much because Iíve heard thatís not the best thing to do. [Laughs] You know, I donít want to read [negative stuff]. Iíve heard good things, Iíve heard bad things as far as [Mike and Molly] being together. Some people like the old Mike Kasnoff better. I listen to it. [I] just canít take either [side] too seriously; itís just peopleís opinions. Iíve heard a lot of good things, which makes me happy. I like working on the show! It seems like Mike will have his hands full with Molly, Carly and Rosanna! What has it been like working with Lesli Kay, Maura West and Cady McClain?
MARK COLLIER: Great! This is the great thing about coming into a character that has already been on the show before Ė you donít work with the same people every single day. You get to work with a lot of different people. Maura, Cady and Lesli are all really good actors. For someone like myself who hasnít been on television, theyíre very helpful and theyíre fun to work with. And the three of them are very different as far as their acting, as far as their personalities, everything. So, itís fun. Iím very glad I get to work with those three. What would you like to see happen with Mikeís storyline?
MARK COLLIER: I, personally, would like to see where the relationship goes with Molly. I think there are still feelings there as well as chemistry between Mike and Rosanna. You know, I would like to see [him] being torn between those two a little bit more. I think that ultimately Mike and Molly will be together, [but] Rosanna was the love of his life. I just like the dynamic of [Mike] being caught in a tough situation. What do you do when youíre not working?
MARK COLLIER: Well, Iíve really been going to the Jersey Shore a lot because itís just so nice. Iíve got some friends who live down there, so Iíve been staying at the beach on the weekends. During the week, fortunately, theyíve been keeping me pretty busy. A lot of times on my off days, Iíll just study for the next couple of days coming up. Iím still apartment hunting right now, so that takes up a lot of time as well. On the weekends, I pretty much just go to the beach and see a lot of movies. When you donít know a lot of people in New York, you find things to do on your own. I donít think Iíve ever worked out so much in my life! You lived on the beach, so you obviously really love to be there. Do you surf?
MARK COLLIER: Yeah, I surfed a lot. In L.A., itís sunny ten months out of the year, [and] you could surf year Ďround. I loved being there because I could run on the beach or go surfing. I grew up in that kind of atmosphere in Florida. I love to fish as well, so theyíre going to take me fishing this weekend. I think Iíll probably start doing a lot more of that. Youíve always lived in warm weather climates. Do you think youíre prepared for a New York winter, which can be very cold?
MARK COLLIER: Thatís what I hear! [Laughs] Everybody keeps telling me, ďItís so beautiful, the change of seasons.Ē Iíve never seen the change of seasons in my life! Itís not like Iím excited about it, but I think itíll be fun to see. Iíve been snowboarding before, so maybe I can pick that up. Thatís going to take a big adjustment, I have a feeling. [Laughs] I think I tested for something here right around Thanksgiving, and this has got to be one of the most beautiful cities around then because they start putting up the tree, and people are ice skating. Itís very much like the old, classic movies you see, and thatís very cool to me. I think getting to see that will be fun. Iíll be wearing a lot of clothes! [Laughs] I assume you donít own many winter clothes.
MARK COLLIER: Actually, I do have some, but you know, theyíre pretty old and probably way out of style. [Laughs] I need to get some different clothes so I wonít look like a goofball walking down the street! When did you decide that you wanted to be an actor?
MARK COLLIER: It really hit me about midway through college. I knew that thatís what I wanted to do. It was just a very tough decision because itís a long shot to be able to work and sustain a career. And [you have to] give yourself to it. Itís not something you say, well, Iíll try it for a few years and see how it goes. Right when I got out of college, I was down in Miami for a little while. Thereís not a lot of acting there, but there was some commercial work, and that got me excited about it. I decided, well, if Iím going to be poor for a really long time, Iíd better go live in a climate that at least Iím used to! So, thatís [why I] moved to L.A. instead of New York. When I was in grade school, I was constantly doing plays, but come high school and college, I really didnít do too much. Once I was in college, I said, I need to do this. Iím glad I did. What was your first ďbig breakĒ?
MARK COLLIER: Realistically, this has got to be my first big break. You know, I had worked [as a] guest star on 90210 and things like that, but [I wasnít a regular] on the show [or] doing interviews. Thatís what I consider a break, and this would have to be it. If you werenít an actor, what would you be?
MARK COLLIER: Itís a toss up. Iíd either want to be a camp director, or I would probably just live in the [Florida] Keys somewhere and fish for the rest of my life. I grew up going to summer camp; I was a camp counselor for a long time. That was [a lot of fun] for me: being around kids. They have a lot of energy. Itís fun. I canít think of a better way to spend your life. Have you ever worked construction, like Mike?
MARK COLLIER: Iíve had a lot of beat up, old cars, so I did a little bit of the auto mechanic part of Mike, but [I have never worked in] construction, no. A lot of people say itís like a family over at As the World Turns. Did you feel that as well?
MARK COLLIER: Definitely. Iíve worked in places, on independent films, where nobody gets along and everybody hates each other, and everybody is trying to outdo the other person. This is just not a place like that. Michael Park [Jack] took me to the softball game the first weekend. He offered to pick me up. Everyoneís just in a good mood there, theyíre happy and theyíre all having a good time. It makes it fun to come to work; I wish I was working five days a week. How many people can say that about their jobs? Not many! You havenít been on the show that long, but is there someone you havenít worked with yet that youíd like to have scenes with?
MARK COLLIER: I like Scott Holroyd [Paul] a lot. I would love to be able to have scenes with him because heís a great person and weíve gotten along really well. But, I would love to work with Larry Bryggman [John]. I donít know if thatíll ever [happen], unless Iím at the hospital dying or something, but I think heís a tremendous actor. Iíve seen him in a lot of films and Iíd love to have the opportunity to work with him. You said earlier that youíve seen a lot of movies this summer. What was your favorite one?
MARK COLLIER: I love Austin Powers, so I went and saw [Austin Powers In Goldmember]. I have to go see it again because I laughed so hard, I missed a lot of things. But I really liked Road to Perdition. A lot of people thought it was boring, I liked it. I think Paul Newman is just one of those people that you see on screen and youíre like, ďWow.Ē Iíd have to say Road to Perdition is my favorite so far. There are a few that I want to see that I havenít seen. I still want to see Signs. Iím a big Joaquin Phoenix fan. Are you single?
MARK COLLIER: Yes, I am. Were you dating anyone in L.A. before you left?
MARK COLLIER: No, I did not actually have a girlfriend when I left L.A., [which] made that [move] a little easier. That would have been tough, Iím sure.


Mark Collier - Just Shoot Me
A big CBS promo shoot brought Mark Collier (Mike, ATWT) out to Hollywood, where this reporter caught up with him. During a break, Collier explained what it's like to swim in and out of those choppy AS THE WORLD TURNS triangles Mike is always getting into.

Mark Collier

Soap Opera Weekly: You seem happy to be in California, even though you're working all day and it's raining.
Mark Collier: I miss L.A. a lot. I loved living down in Venice.
Weekly: It has a very different pace than New York.
Collier: Everyone walks slow and goes about their own business. It was a tough adjustment moving to Manhattan. I still have a tough time with it.

Weekly: How do you keep yourself entertained in New York?
Collier: I have some friends who live in Jersey, so I go hang out there a lot. They have a nice house with a pool and a bar that we built in the back. We have big parties on the weekend.
Weekly: Usually people come into the city.
Collier: No way. I get out of the city. There's stuff to do there if you want to go to the museum or Central Park, but I'd rather get away from it all and go to a small town with regular bars. We have a good time. There's a group of us that are on a soccer team together: Me, Roger Howarth (Paul), Jesse Soffer (Will), Agim Kaba, (ex-Aaron), Michael Park (Jack) and a couple of other guys. We have a game once a week.
Weekly: Roger has said that all he watches on TV is soccer. Is he any good?
Collier: Very good. He and Jesse both are.
Weekly: Are you any good?
Collier: I am. I'm more of the defense specialist, so I basically man the defense state. They score the goals. I make sure they don't get scored on.

Weekly: Speaking of scoring, do you ever find yourself rooting for one side versus the other in your many soap love triangles?
Collier: Certainly. There was a time when it was Mike, Katie and Simon and I wanted Mike and Katie. I knew that she loved Simon, but I didn't see why. I felt like Simon was never there for her and Mike was the good guy who was always there for her.
Weekly: You weren't alone. Some fans are still rooting for Katie and Mike.
Collier: I know. We get mail and it seems to be half and half. There's something cool about that. Terri (Colombino, Katie) and I were a little upset, because our characters only had one week of happiness.
Weekly: You wanted more?
Collier: There's a cool chemistry there. It's fun to watch and it seems believable. That's what is great about this. You know the two people still want each other, but there are certain things going on. You're always thinking, "If you could fix this one thing about this person, man, this relationship would be so much better."

Weekly: What would Mike fix about Katie?
Collier: Her dishonesty. It's not that she does it to hurt. She just plays these games because she's trying to get her way. It's more a juvenile thing than a malicious thing, so you want to say, "Look, I really do love you. You don't have to play these games. Let's come out and say it."

Weekly: What about his current love, Jennifer?
Collier: I like him with Jennifer. There is a different dynamic. With Katie, Mike's always backpedaling, having to deal with her games. Jennifer doesn't do that, so Mike has become stronger. He's more of a protector and he can take care of her, as opposed to playing the games he has to play with Katie.

Weekly: How does working with Jennifer Ferrin (Jennifer) and Terri compare?
Collier: Their characters are written so different, it's tough to compare. Terri plays this quirky, romantic comedy...sweet, but a little sneaky at the same time. It's a lot of fun and it's refreshing. Jennifer is a lot more serious. I feel incredibly fortunate to be working with both of them.

Weekly: What is the energy like at the set?
Collier: It depends. One day everybody's messing with everybody, giving each other a hard time, and another it's low-key and mellow. But everybody gets along really well. We have a lot of fun.

Weekly: How do you guys keep busy during the downtime between scenes?
Collier: I have an Xbox in my dressing room and Michael has a Playstation in his, so we basically sit around and play games, watch movies and goof off. It's like being in a fraternity house for the day.

Weekly: Do the ladies get into any of this?
Collier: Not too much. Terri will come down and watch a movie every now and then.

Weekly: Aside from your soccer crew, does the cast get together outside of work?
Collier: It's tough, because some of us have kids and the other group on our show is underaged. So, either they're going to get arrested or I'm going to be changing diapers.

Weekly: Are you the only adult without a kid?
Collier: Yes. I'm in the middle. I've gone over to Michael Park's house and stayed the night, hung out with his kids and had a great time.
Weekly: Does being around everyone's kids make you antsy to have them?
Collier: I'm antsy to have them until I get around a bunch of kids and then I'm usually like, "Whoa, this is a lot of work!" You've got to be mentally prepared for that situation.
Weekly: Are you preparing?
Collier: It'll happen when it happens.
Weekly: You've got to find a girlfriend first.
Collier: Yeah, that might help (laughs).
Weekly: I wouldn't think it would be that hard!
Collier: Well, it is. A lot of times we'll meet people from different shows, but that's damn near impossible, because weíre both working so much with different schedules.
Weekly: They need to bring some single women to your show.
Collier: Yes, although that's kind of tricky too. You canít mess with somebody from the show either, because if things don't go well, it gets weird. It'll come one day.