Now this couple has been through ups and downs this past year. Katie coming back to Oakdale cause she saw a Picture of Mike in a magazine. Not knowing that Mike was taking already so she goes to Mike's house  the next day she has been in Oakdale uses his key and sees Jennifer and Mike in a towel. Katie and Mike talked for a while Jen went in the other room and Mike asks her how is she and Simon doing and Katie says oh we are doing great . Which was a lie they are not together anymore . So days go bye and Katie feels bad that she should of told Mike . So later on in the months Katie is always looking to do something for Mike until Jennifer gets annoyed so Katie backs away and goes and marry Henry figure this will work to get Mike back. now Mike does not by this at all. Katie and Henry ask Mike to be the best man so Henry and Katie  got married and Mike is so upset so after a while Henry is getting tired of this mess Katie always running to rescue Mike. Henry divorces Katie . Katie finally tells Mike that she was lying that her and Simon where ok and begs for Mike to come back to her and he said no  she told him  that they are divorced and he go so   mad at her. Jennifer has a one night stand with Craig she had been drinking . Jennifer finally tells Mike a few days later and he was not happy but he understood this he said as long as you are honest with me .Then Jennifer discovers that she is  pregnate and does everything to keep Craig away. Well Jennifer went behind Mike's back to set Craig up with dusty  and Mike finds out while Jennifer is talking to Dusty on the phone . Katie leaves town  and goes to a hotel in Chicago  to get away and Mike leaves Jennifer and how funny they both end up in the same hotel without even knowing until they bump into each other. Well lets just say they made up . Jennifer shows up and Mike tells her  what went on between him and Katie .Jennifer  leaves upset calls up Dusty and lets him know goes to her mom 's cottage up north and falls off the stool  on to her stomach trying to fix the light bulb . Dusty shows up to deliver the baby cause Jennifer water broke from falling . Later on Jennifer's baby dies .( Now it has discovered that the baby was Gwen's and Jennifer has a feeling her baby is a live but Paul doesn't want her to find out. Mike and Katie move in together  then Henry and his sister move in causing trouble then crazy B.J. ( Byron Glass) Katie's former school mate gives her a job and scares her at a Halloween Party . Mike insists that Katie quits the company she disagrees she told him that Kim said BJ is no longer near Katie and Mike agreed on one condition he is going to keep an eye on BJ.  


  Hopefully things get better for Mike and Katie . 


Well it seems everything is going well for these two .Byron out of the picture thank god.  Jennifer came to Mike's house to sign the divorce papers . Mike didn't waste time he proposed to Katie.  Wedding Bells for these to soon .






Mark Collier and Terri Colombino play newlyweds Mike and Katie.
Simon is crusing for a bruising on 'World' !

Mike comes face to face with Katie's ex-husband today on "As the World Turns" - and promptly punches him.

"Katie and Mike are on a cruise," says Mark Collier, who plays recent groom Mike Kasnoff. "She has taken him on a cruise to take his mind off the fact that she killed his cousin."

It was an accident, but, yeah, Katie killed Nick Kasnoff.

That put a damper on the newlyweds for a while, so she just "kidnapped" Mike for a delayed honeymoon.

Too bad her first husband, Simon, is also on the boat.

"Katie and Mike go downstairs to the bar, and somehow Simon appears," says Collier. "Mike is upset that he's there, because the last time Simon was in town, he made such a mess of everything. So, Mike ends up hitting him."

Simon goes down, and Katie is in a fix, too.

"They [Mike and Katie] start having a conversation, and he finds out that Katie knew Simon was on the boat," says Collier. "Simon tried to come in and pretend he was the masseur when Katie was getting a massage. He was hiding in the bathroom when Mike came in!"

Sadly, Mike is not surprised that Katie lied to him.

"Mike is upset if she is going to lie about Simon again," clarifies Collier. "Does she still have feelings for him? He can't go through this again."

But little Katie is nothing if not a smooth talker.

"Somehow, within a quick amount of time, she is able to convince Mike that Simon is in the past," says Collier. "She did care about him at one point in time, but now she loves Mike. He believes her. But he also knows there is no way she has completely turned off her feelings for Simon."

Mike forgives his bride, and they take advantage of the honeymoon suite and, well, you know.

Later, Katie goes above deck and bumps into a pensive Simon strumming his guitar.

"I didn't see that scene, but I heard it turned out to be good," says the actor. "Paul is a really good guitar player. Katie comes in, and it moves her. She gets caught up in the memories."

Which doesn't bode well for her new marriage.

"The point of the whole trip was to take their minds off the situation with Nick, but now there's all this drama with Simon," says Collier. "Katie has killed two people now - his ex-girlfriend, Pilar, and his cousin, Nick."

So maybe Mike's going to stay with her out of fear?

"Maybe!" says the actor, laughing.

Comings and Goings: Rumor has it that Genie Francis is on her way back to "General Hospital" as Laura. ... Kelly Coffield Park ("In Living Color") plays a patient who bonds with Reva Wednesday on "Guiding Light."... Jill Larson (Opal) and Tonya Pinkins (Livia) have been dropped to recurring on "All My Children."

Don't touch that dial: Carly turns to Patrick for some sexual healing next week on "GH" (ABC, 3 p.m.). Oops -here comes Robin!

Hinsey is the editor of Soap Opera Weekly.

Originally published on June 23, 2006

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