Michael "Mike" Kasnoff  Biography



Born 1971 (Graduated from Oakdale High School in 1989)


Model for Street Jeans
Former stock car racer (his car was the Ludie Bell)
Former auto mechanic

Resides At

at the cottage with Katie Peretti
Formerly lived in Milltown (in Jack Snyder's house)

Marital Status

Divorced (Jennifer Munson)

Past Marriages

Jennifer Munson (Divorced)


Nora Kasnoff (Mother; deceased)
Mark Kasnoff (brother)
Sara Kasnoff (sister)
Sage Snyder (goddaughter)


Nora Kasnoff (Deceased [Miscarriage]; with Carly)

Flings & Affairs

"Missy" (lovers)
Carly Tenney (lovers)
Rosanna Cabot (engaged)
Pilar Domingo (dated)
Molly McKinnon (lovers)
Carly Tenney (one night stand)
Katie Peretti Frasier (lovers)
Nikki Munson (dated)
Jennifer Munson (lovers)

Crimes Committed

Served time for robbery [prior to 1994]

Assaulted Craig Montgomery [March 28, 2005]

Memorable Quote

Mike Kasnoff to Rosanna Cabot at the bar known as Yo's, on New Year’s Day 1996, after singer Brian McKnight had come to Yo's and sang Ro and Mike's song, but Ro is still down on Mike because of him cheating on her with Carly:

"Here you are, and all I can think about is how much I want to hold you, and I can't. When McKnight was singing our song, I was dancin' with you -- in my mind, y'know? We were alone, and I could remember what you felt like in my arms. I tried to remember what it was like to bury my face in your neck and your hair and breathe you inside me and ... I did! For a split second, I was home. Then, the song was over and I woke up, more alone than I've ever been in my life ... so I got out of there. Please ... say something ... anything ..."

Brief Character History

Auto mechanic Mike Kasnoff met wealthy Rosanna Cabot when he was hired to fix her car. Expecting the heir to the Cabot fortune to be a snob, he was surprised by her sweetness and sincerity and the two fell in love. Of course Rosanna's father, Alex, didn't take the news lightly and offered to finance Mike's dream of being a stock car racer if he'd stay away from his daughter. Not one to be bought, Mike refused the offer and later told Ro about it. With Rosanna's help and encouragement, Mike was able to fulfill his dream and the pair went to Florida to race his car "Ludie Bell". Though he finished second in the race, Mike's happiness was shattered when he saw Ro sitting with his old girlfriend-the one who set him up for robbery-and mistakenly thought they were laughing at him. Angry and hurt, Mike stormed off and left Rosanna in Florida alone. Later when Mike learned that Missy was paid by Alex to drive a wedge between the he and Ro, he angrily confronted Alex who suffered a major heart attack and died. Alex's death was the beginning of the end for Mike and Rosanna. Though she was never close with her father, Rosanna blamed Mike for his death and ordered him from her life. Depressed, he let himself be seduced in a bar by a sexy blond named Carly Tenney. The next day, Rosanna went to Mike saying she'd made a mistake and she wanted him back. Not long after Mike met Ro's half-sister: Carly! Though he admitted his infidelity to Rosanna, he didn't name names and told Carly to keep quiet or else he'd tell Ro that Carly knew they were sisters before Rosanna found her and told her. His life secure, Mike asked Ro to marry him.

Though he knew Carly wasn't the sweet, innocent person she made herself out to be, Mike believed that she would toe the line. Unfortunately he was mistaken. On his wedding day to Ro Carly cruelly revealed to Rosanna that she and Mike slept together when they were apart. For the first time, Rosanna saw Carly's vicious streak and found out that she was only after her money. Hurt, Rosanna broke the engagement and by the time she was ready to forgive Mike he had been seduced again by Carly, who was now pregnant with his child. Despite their desire to stay together, Carly's continual presence was more that Rosanna could take and one night she lashed out at Carly. Carly lost her baby, and when Mike hesitated about whether it was Rosanna's fault, Rosanna knew the relationship was over. Wanting to be as far away as possible, Rosanna left town and Carly left soon after. In addition to contending with the arrival of his brother and sister, and their problems (Mark's affair with Connor Walsh and Sarah's relationship with Paul Ryan),

As Mike was building up his stock racing career, he was also helping out his friend, Lily Walsh, who was investigating a man named Umberto Malzone, who may have been responsible for the death of her husband, Damian. Not able to get to Malzone, Lily discovered that he had an employee named Diego Santana and got close to him in order to get the goods on Malzone. Amidst this intrigue, Mike met a beautiful woman named Pilar who was stranded on the side of the road when her car broke down. Gallantly offering to help her fix her car, Mike became quite taken with Pilar who recognized him from the stock car circuit and teased him about losing to a driver named Domingo, ad driver that Mike took too many risks on the track. Liking Mike, Pilar agreed to give him her number, if he beat Domingo in the next race. However, to Mike's chagrin, and Pilar's amusement, he lost again to Domingo. Later, after losing a third race, Mike made a startling discovery--Pilar was Domingo! Finding out that she was Domingo, Mike lit into her for her reckless driving. Although she was certain that he was mad because he lost to a woman, he argued that she took too many unnecessary chances to win and was certain someone would get hurt. The following week, Mike's fears were confirmed when during a race, Pilar's car crashed and she was rushed to Memorial. Frantically trying to save her life, the doctors discovered that she had a rare blood type and went on a desperate search. As the doctors were working to save Pilar, Diego was at the hospital looking troubled and torn. Finally, he went to the doctors and told check him for compatibility. To everyone's relief, it was a match and Pilar's life was saved. Not long after, Mike overheard Dr. Susan Stewart thank Diego for his blood donation and became suspicious. Doing some investigating, he found a picture in Pilar's locker that was identical to one Diego had in his apartment. Putting more clues together he made shocking discovery--Pilar was Diego's sister! At he same time, Pilar herself found out that Diego was responsible for the plane crash that killed Damian.

Not long after things would finally come to a head. Scared of what an agitated Pilar might say, Diego kept her drugged. When Mike realized what was happening, he convinced Pilar to stop taking the pills she was being given. Trusting Mike, she complied and once clear-headed, she tried to escape the hospital. Unfortunately, she was stopped by Diego himself. Again Pilar tried to reason with her brother, telling him that Lily would never forgive him if she learned he was Umberto, a murderer. Again Mike was able to get to Pilar and convinced her that Diego was a dangerous man, citing Diego's recent rape of Emily Stewart. Hating her brother for the crimes he had committed, Pilar made plans to escape again and go to the police. However, before she had the chance, Diego was killed on his wedding day, apparently by his new wife, Lily! Lily became the prime suspect when it was learned that she overheard Pilar and Diego's argument, thus learning that Diego was responsible for Damian's death. Totally devastated by Diego's death, Pilar demanded that Lily pay. Although Pilar had the ability to help the police go easy on Lily, given Diego's crimes, this time Pilar refused to acknowledge that Diego had done anything wrong. In denial, she placed the blame of his death entirely on Lily, making her the cause of his ruin. After painting Lily as a psychopath who killed Diego in cold blood, Pilar made sure that Lily wouldn't get parole by staging an attack so that the police would think Lily attacked her. Although Mike tried to get Pilar to see reason, she refused and continually defended her brother to everyone. Consumed with rage over her brother's death, Pilar started taking even more chances on the race track, appearing suicidal. Concerned for her well-being, Mike confronted her and following a heated exchange she finally broke down and revealed that this was all her fault since she wished her brother dead. Finally able to see her brother for what he really was, Pilar agreed to help Lily. Later, she and Mike left Oakdale together to race in Spain.

Years later, Mike, obviously no long with Pilar, would meet a young widow named Molly McKinnon. Striking up a friendship, Mike followed her back to Oakdale only to learn that she was Carly's cousin! Though he was falling in love with Molly, he couldn't deny the feelings he still had for both Carly and Rosanna. Though he was able to rebuff Rosanna's advances, after an argument with Molly, Mike found himself repeating history by making love to Carly right before her wedding. However both decided it was a mistake and decided to keep quiet about the incident. Then Carly found herself pregnant! Though she struggled to keep her indiscretion with Mike a secret, the truth came out and an angry Jack and Molly leaving Carly and Mike.

During the course of Carly's pregnancy, Mike put all his energies into making sure she was taking care of herself and the baby he was positive was his. Though Molly later offered to go back to him, Mike suspected that she wouldn't be able to deal with his connection to Carly and rejected her. Following the end of that relationship, Mike became friends with Katie Peretti at the same time her husband, Simon, deserted her. Almost single-minded in his concern for Carly, Katie helped Mike to relax and focus on something else for a change. Later Katie would support a devastated Mike when he learned that Carly's baby, Sage, was not his. Not long after, Katie finally learned the truth about her husband, Simon's, disappearance--he was on the run after killing Bartleby in self defense! Despite pleas from Henry to not look for Simon since her life would be in danger, Katie decided to set out for Australia. Though she initially accepted Mike's offer to go with her, she changed her mind after realizing that he was developing romantic feelings toward her and tried to sneak out of Oakdale without him. However, due to a delay at the airport, she was unsuccessful and despite her objections, Mike went with her. Unfortunately, upon arriving at the Frasier ranch, the pair was captured by Mordecai, Bartleby's brother, and held hostage. Mordecai, then told them his plan--he was using them as bait to lure Simon out of hiding so he could get revenge for Simon killing his brother. Though they tried to escape, with Katie even trying to send a message to Margo, all their attempts were fruitless and finally Mordecai took Katie away to be rescued by Simon. Tied to a chair that had a bomb tied to it, Katie suddenly heard Simon's voice and tried to warn him that it was a trap. Then came Katie's rescuer--but this time, it wasn't Simon; it was Mike! Having freed himself from the basement where they had been held captive, Mike succeeded in untying Katie, but ended up engaging the bomb's timer. Though Katie insisted that they look for Simon, Mike knew they only had a few minutes left and dragged Katie out of the building seconds before the bomb went off! Realizing that she'd lost Simon forever, Katie blamed Mike and told him she'd never forgive him for denying her the chance to see her husband again. Soon after, Katie was told that the remains of a man were found in the rubble; the DNA was a match for Simon. Filled with anger and guilt for her role in his death, a depressed Katie instead continued to blame Mike for saving her life and told him she'd never forgive him. Still suffering, Katie suddenly became ill and was taken to Memorial where she was diagnosed with a disorder caused by insects native to Australia. Luckily the condition was treatable with medication and Katie was able to go back to Margo's (since Margo didn't want her to be alone after her ordeal in Australia). However, Katie was still furious at Mike and rebuffed his attempts at friendship, even telling him she wished he was dead. That same night, while Mike was walking across the street to help a pedestrian, a car mowed him down, leaving him in critical condition. Then Katie suddenly remembered, she was the hit and run driver! Deeply concerned that she may have almost killed one of her best friends, a a guilty Katie resolved to tell Mike the truth about the accident. Her anger toward him completely gone, Katie confessed the truth to Mike who surprisingly forgave her and told the police nothing. Realizing that she'd been hurtful and unfair to Mike, and finally realizing that she did have feelings for him, Katie opened herself to a relationship with him.

Then after accepting Mike's marriage proposal, who else but Simon would return to Oakdale alive! Pleading his undying love for Katie, Simon tried to get her to leave with him, but by now Katie was engaged. Telling Katie that he couldn't live without her, Simon warned her that his life was still in danger (a claim substantiated when some goons shot at him and Katie) and he wanted them to go on the run together. Though confused as to whether to stay in Oakdale or go on the run with Simon, Simon needed an immediate answer. Torn between Simon and Mike, Katie quickly made her decision and after telling Mike that she loved him, she set out to leave with Simon. Fearing for Katie's safety, Mike went to Margo for help. Though they thought finding them would be impossible, they caught a break and found out that they were hiding out at the docks. There, Mike again tried to persuade Katie that she should stay in Oakdale where it was safe. Though Katie rejected him, Simon would later overhear her say that although Katie loved Mike, she needed to be with Simon. Realizing that Katie had changed in the year that he'd been gone, and recognizing that she would genuinely miss the life she created in Oakdale, Simon went to Mike and made plans to leave without Katie. Knowing that Katie would follow Simon to the ends of the earth, thus endangering her life, they locked the gate to the harbor and Simon changed his itinerary. After saying a heartfelt goodbye to Katie, who told Simon she'd hate him forever if he abandoned her again, Simon left for parts unknown. Although Mike tried to make Katie understand that they were only trying to save her life, she reacted again with anger and hostility. Tired of apologizing for saving Katie's life, Mike decided he was through chasing after her.

With Katie gone, Mike concentrated on his professional career and got a job remodeling BRO. At the same time, he let himself be talked into helping Henry snare the heart of Nikki Munson. But unknown to Henry, she already had eyes for someone--Mike! So, Mike and Nikki's sister, Jennifer, who worked at BRO, were forced to stand by and watch two people go after someone who just wasn't interested. Throughout the course of several weeks, Jennifer and Mike became closer and it was obvious that they were attracted to each other. Finally, after a few months of getting to know each other, the two realized their feelings and decided to pursue a relationship. Later, Katie finally returned. Although it was clear she wanted Mike back, Mike was devoted to his relationship with Jennifer. Not long after, Mike was shocked when Katie suddenly announced her engagement to Henry! Although it was unclear as to whether this was genuine or merely a ploy to make him jealous, Mike refused to get caught up in Katie's drama and resolved to stay out of it. In the end, the marriage went forward, with Katie apparently truly in love with Henry. At the same time, Jennifer was trying to handle her new career and was shocked when Worldwide (which owned her Company) gave her a new manager--Craig Montgomery! Although the two clashed, when Jen was worried she'd lost Mike, she ended up impulsively sleeping with Craig. A horrified Jennifer just wanted to forget the entire incident, but Craig didn't make it easy by blackmailing her--he'd only keep quiet about her affair if she stayed at Street Jeans. Jennifer, though, countered by telling Mike the truth anyway. Weeks later, Jen was shocked to learn she was pregnant! When Jennifer told Mike, he surprised her by offering to raise the baby as his own. Although it was decided the truth should be kept from Craig, since all were convinced he'd be a bad parent, Katie accidentally let it slip out. Craig was determined to be a part of this child's life and made that fact perfectly clear to Jennifer, despite her protests. Unwilling to let a man such as Craig be in her child's life, others came up with a plan to run him out of town by framing him for drug possession. Jennifer and Mike then married.