Mike Quizes







 1. What is Mike's  last name on As The World Turns?   

     A. Ryan

     B. Walsh

     C. Kasnoff

 2. What kind of business does Mike own?

     A. Deli

     B. Construction

     C. Diner

 3. Where was Mike living  before?

      A. The Cottage

      B. The Lakeview

      C. The Farm

 4.Who are the six  women that Mike has  dated?

     A. Margo, Lily, Meg, , Emily, Julia and Celia

     B. Katie, Jennifer, Carly, Molly, Roseanna, and Pilar

     C.  Sierra , Gwen, Rose , Allison, Lucy, and Nikki.

 5. What three women were related to each other that Mike dated?

      A. Katie, Meg and Julia

      B. Molly, Roseanna ,and Carly

      C. Lucy, Jennifer, and Allison

 6 . Who is Mike dating at the time?

      A. Katie

      B. Gwen

      C. Meg      

 7. Where does currently live?

     A. At the cottage

     B. At the Lakeview

     C. At Katie's

 8.What is Mike's brother's name?    

    A. Mark

    B. Holden

    C. Jack                                                                

 9. What is  Mike's sister's name?

     A. Sarah

     B. Margo

     C. Maddie

 10. What is Mike's favorite desert?

        A. Vanilla ice cream

        B. Chocolate cake

        C. Rice pudding

Fill ins:


 1.  -------- is mike's God daughter .

 2. Mike and Carly's daughters name was --------.

 3. ------ and------ is Mike's brother and sister.

 4.Mike left the show in ------- and returned to Oakdale in -------










      1.C            6.A                                      

      2.B            7.C                

      3.A            8.A

      4.B            9.C              

      5.B           10.B 


      1.  Sage

      2.  Nora

      3.  Sara and Mark

      4.1997 and  2002






Mark Quizes



1. What year did Mark start on As The World Turns?

  a. 2000

  b. 1999

  c. 2002


2. What three  T.V. shows did Mark appear in?

   -------------, -------------------, and -------------


 3. Where does Mark reside at ?

     a. Florida

     b. New York

     C. California      


  4. When is Mark's birthday?

        a. August 23

         b. March  29

         c. May 27


   5. What year was Mark born in?

   a. 1971

   b.  1976                                           

   c.   1974


   6.What is Mark's middle name?

     a.  Joseph

     b. Christopher

     c.  Sean


     7. How many sister or sisters does Mark have?

     a. two

     b. three

     c. one


    8. What did Mark have a degree in G.S.U?

     a. Accounting

     b. Business

     c.  Theater


    9.Mark moved later on to L.A. to begin a carrer in ?

        a. Acting

        b. Chef

        c. Doctor


      10. Where did Mark work in L.A. ?

           a. Deli

           b. Pizza parlor

           c. Grocery store


  What does Mark's father do for a living?




   1.  c

     2. Sunset Beach, Beverly Hills 90210, and Arrest and Trial

     3. b

     4. c

     5. a

     6. b

     7. c

     8. a

     9. a

    10. b


* bonus answer:

 Mark's father is a C.P.A.